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Help For Motorcycle Crash Victims

The rules about using motorcycle helmets can be hard to keep track of – they’re different for each state and frequently changing. Nevada’s rule, however, is easy. Everyone riding on a motorcycle in Nevada must wear a helmet – no exceptions. Eighteen other states require all motorcyclists and passengers to wear a helmet at all [...]

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A Serious Problem Everywhere

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol – or rather, alcohol abuse – is directly linked to 2.5 million deaths around the globe every year. About four percent of all deaths everywhere are related to alcohol, and in the 15-to-29 age group, that figure leaps to nine percent. If you’re arrested for driving under the [...]

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Bicycle Accident? Get Legal Help Now

More people are riding bicycles these days, and they aren’t all riding for recreation. When a car, motorcycle, bus, or truck hits a bicycle, it’s nearly always the unprotected bicyclist who suffers the greater harm. Most automobile drivers also have car insurance, but bicyclists typically ride uninsured. Bike riders are at a high risk for [...]

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When The Police Pull You Over

In Las Vegas, if you’re arrested for DUI, you’re going to need legal help from an experienced Las Vegas DUI defense attorney. But merely being pulled over by a police officer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be arrested. Be careful when you’re driving, because if you make any driving mistakes while the police are watching, [...]

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