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Probation In Nevada: The Strictest Terms

In the state of Nevada, probation eases prisons overcrowding and often improves a convicted offender’s prospects for rehabilitation. Most persons convicted of crimes in Nevada – with the exception of violent felons convicted for crimes such as rape or murder – may be eligible for probation as an alternative to jail or prison. Probation in [...]

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Sometimes, The Fun Turns Tragic

What’s so frightening about personal injuries is that they can happen to anyone, unexpectedly, at almost any time. In the 21st century, simply going out to dinner means that you could be injured by a negligent driver in a traffic accident, or you could be injured by a defective auto part such as an exploding [...]

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DUI, Indigestion, And Heartburn

A breathalyzer examination for DUI might return an inaccurate result for any number of reasons, but you can’t skew a breathalyzer reading with any of the “tricks” that some people have tried. Gum doesn’t work. Mints don’t work. One man in Australia tried guzzling perfume; it doesn’t work. One particular misconception that you might hear [...]

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About Grand Juries

Because grand juries meet more or less secretly, a lot of misinformation about them floats around in the popular culture. TV cop and lawyer shows haven’t helped. If you’re suspected of a serious crime in Nevada, your case may or may not come before a grand jury. It depends. Virtually all federal cases begin with [...]

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What Is Premises Liability?

“Premises liability” is the legal term for the liability of a property owner. Property owners in Nevada have a legal duty to keep their properties safe, to repair any dangerous situation or condition in a reasonably quick period of time, and to warn anyone entering or coming onto a property about any existing dangerous situation [...]

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Nursing Home Abuse

In Nevada, thousands trust the care of their elderly loved ones to the personnel at nursing home facilities. While most nursing homes in this state are professionally operated and staffed, other nursing home facilities are not. Understaffing and a lack of proper training are typically the root causes underlying abuse or mistreatment in nursing facilities. [...]

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Even Tougher Than Nevada

If you think DUI laws are tough in Nevada, you might not care to live in Belarus, a tiny Eastern European nation bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. If you’re detained there for DUI twice within a year, the government can confiscate and sell your car, take your license for three years, fine [...]

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High-Tech Safety For Motorcyclists

In the last half-century, tremendous strides have been made in automobile safety. Air bags and seat belts were only a start. “Driverless” cars are about to hit Nevada’s streets with wireless controls, rear-view video, radar, and computer technology. This means automobiles will be even safer in years to come. However, advances in motorcycle safety have [...]

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Surviving An Airplane Crash

If you’re injured in a plane or helicopter crash, speak to an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney immediately. A good personal injury lawyer can explain your legal options to you and fight for the maximum compensation that is rightfully yours. More now than ever, passengers in plane crashes tend to be survivors. In a [...]

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Know The Law About Distracted Driving

April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month in Nevada, the beginning of an ongoing crackdown on texting while driving and other driving distractions. Law enforcement officials in Nevada are raising awareness of the dangers of using a digital device while driving, and one of the ways they’re raising awareness is by handing out more citations. When [...]

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