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House Arrest And You

If you’ve ever seen someone wearing an ankle bracelet that looks like it’s attached to a cell phone, that person is probably under “house arrest.” In Nevada, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, it’s possible to “serve” your sentence at home instead of behind bars. Judges are not always open to the option, but [...]

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Staying Safe In The Summer

During the summer months, more vehicles are always on the nation’s streets and highways. Vacations, recreational outings, and road trips have always been a big part of the summertime for many of us in the United States. These travels should always mean happy times, but too often they result in tragedy due to negligent drivers [...]

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Automobile Insurance Fraud In Nevada

Automobile insurance fraud is much more common in the Las Vegas area than you’d think, especially in tough economic times, and it’s not always about inflating the cost of auto repairs. Any time a person deceives an insurance company to receive money that the company should not be obliged to pay, it’s insurance fraud. Staging [...]

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Older Drivers Safer Than You Think

Despite what people may think about senior drivers, a recent report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concludes that drivers age 70 and older are better drivers than their own parents or grandparents ever were. Safer cars, healthier seniors, and increasing awareness of traffic safety are among the most likely reasons today’s elderly drivers [...]

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Horseback Riding Injuries

Nevada is famous for its Mustangs and other magnificent horses. Outside of the major cities, horse farms are abundant here; Nevadans love horses, and those who don’t own them still love to ride them. With thousands of square miles of open land all over the state, it’s imperative for those who ride horses to pursue [...]

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When They Pull You Over

If you drive a car in the United States, you’ve probably been stopped by the police at least once. It was probably for something relatively trivial like a busted taillight or an expired license plate, and you may even have received a warning rather than a ticket. The police make hundreds of traffic stops every [...]

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Cops, Attorneys, And DUI In Nevada

Any time you are driving on a Nevada street or highway, you may be pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Law enforcement officers are essential to DUI cases. They pull over the alleged drunk drivers, conduct sobriety and breathalyzer tests, and place suspected drunk drivers into custody. Sometimes the stops are based on genuine [...]

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Food Poisoning

With millions of visitors every year, thousands of restaurants, and a variety of caterers and other food services, food poisoning is bound to happen occasionally in Las Vegas. If you suffer a case of food poisoning here, you need to know what to do. Food poisoning symptoms can include diarrhea, nausea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal [...]

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Driverless Cars Are Here

It’s no longer science fiction: driverless cars are now a reality. But will American consumers buy them? And what happens if all the high-tech safety gizmos fail and there’s a crash? Taking control of their automobiles from the hands of America’s drivers is likely to be a tough sell. Obviously, driverless cars won’t sell to [...]

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When An Attorney Won’t Take Your Case

Occasionally you may speak to an attorney who determines that he or she may not be the right attorney for your case. It’s not personal; often, an attorney turning down your case may be doing what’s right for you. Here are several reasons an attorney may decline to take your case: [list line="no" style="style3"] No [...]

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