When The Police Pull You Over

In Las Vegas, if you’re arrested for DUI, you’re going to need legal help from an experienced Las Vegas DUI defense attorney. But merely being pulled over by a police officer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be arrested. Be careful when you’re driving, because if you make any driving mistakes while the police are watching, [...]

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Trust And The Designated Driver

If you’re accused of driving under the influence in the Las Vegas area, it’s a quite serious charge, but don’t plead guilty. Instead, fight the charge with the help of an experienced Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer. If you’re innocent, or if you simply made a bad decision, a good DUI attorney will fight aggressively [...]

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If You Are Visiting Las Vegas

Literally millions visit Nevada every year in search of fun, entertainment, and memorable times. Unfortunately, a few of those millions end up in trouble with Nevada law enforcement, arrested and charged with DUI. If you are charged with DUI while visiting or vacationing in Nevada, you can’t just pretend like nothing happened. Getting in trouble [...]

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Making It Tough On Repeat Offenders

If you’re arrested for DUI in the Las Vegas area, you’ll probably face a misdemeanor charge. Driving under the influence is a felony in Nevada only if you already have two previous DUI convictions in the last seven years, or if you cause an injury or a fatality, or if you have a previous DUI [...]

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DUI, Indigestion, And Heartburn

A breathalyzer examination for DUI might return an inaccurate result for any number of reasons, but you can’t skew a breathalyzer reading with any of the “tricks” that some people have tried. Gum doesn’t work. Mints don’t work. One man in Australia tried guzzling perfume; it doesn’t work. One particular misconception that you might hear [...]

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Even Tougher Than Nevada

If you think DUI laws are tough in Nevada, you might not care to live in Belarus, a tiny Eastern European nation bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. If you’re detained there for DUI twice within a year, the government can confiscate and sell your car, take your license for three years, fine [...]

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Cops, Attorneys, And DUI In Nevada

Any time you are driving on a Nevada street or highway, you may be pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Law enforcement officers are essential to DUI cases. They pull over the alleged drunk drivers, conduct sobriety and breathalyzer tests, and place suspected drunk drivers into custody. Sometimes the stops are based on genuine [...]

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DUI Checkpoints

You can always count on one ritual of the holiday season. Police departments step up DUI enforcement; they create more DUI “squads” or “task forces” and set up more DUI checkpoints at more locations. Drivers at checkpoints are randomly screened, and those who appear to be driving under the influence may be asked to take [...]

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Drunk Driving Laws Through The Decades

Like everything else in law, the matter of intoxicated driving has become complicated over time, and that trend will inevitably continue. In fact, only one thing is certain about DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), and OUI (operating under the influence); every state punishes these crimes severely. The first arrest for drunk [...]

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Marijuana-Related DUI in Nevada

Some people may claim that smoking dope doesn’t affect their ability to drive, but science is proving that they’re wrong. A breakthrough study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicates – apparently definitively and for the first time – that smoking pot definitely, negatively affects the ability to drive. The NIDA studied [...]

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