What Is Premises Liability?

“Premises liability” is the legal term for the liability of a property owner. Property owners in Nevada have a legal duty to keep their properties safe, to repair any dangerous situation or condition in a reasonably quick period of time, and to warn anyone entering or coming onto a property about any existing dangerous situation [...]

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House Arrest And You

If you’ve ever seen someone wearing an ankle bracelet that looks like it’s attached to a cell phone, that person is probably under “house arrest.” In Nevada, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, it’s possible to “serve” your sentence at home instead of behind bars. Judges are not always open to the option, but [...]

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Automobile Insurance Fraud In Nevada

Automobile insurance fraud is much more common in the Las Vegas area than you’d think, especially in tough economic times, and it’s not always about inflating the cost of auto repairs. Any time a person deceives an insurance company to receive money that the company should not be obliged to pay, it’s insurance fraud. Staging [...]

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When They Pull You Over

If you drive a car in the United States, you’ve probably been stopped by the police at least once. It was probably for something relatively trivial like a busted taillight or an expired license plate, and you may even have received a warning rather than a ticket. The police make hundreds of traffic stops every [...]

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When An Attorney Won’t Take Your Case

Occasionally you may speak to an attorney who determines that he or she may not be the right attorney for your case. It’s not personal; often, an attorney turning down your case may be doing what’s right for you. Here are several reasons an attorney may decline to take your case: [list line="no" style="style3"] No [...]

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After a Nevada Traffic Accident

Whether you are on your way to work or your way to the strip, there is no telling when you may become the victim of an auto accident. According to the last official count, the population of Nevada was somewhere around 2.7 million, and about 25% of those people are under the age of 18. [...]

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How Much Car Insurance Do I Need in Nevada?

How much car or auto insurance you need really depends upon the value of your assets and how well protected they are as well as the mandatory requirements for insurance in the State of Nevada. If you have significant assets that are currently in your name, you should definitely carry more than the State's minimum liability coverage.  But [...]

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