Thousands of people undergo cosmetic surgery procedures every year, and the overwhelming majority of them are happy with the results. That’s why what happened at the Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute in Lauderhill, Florida, was not only tragic but unexpected as well. Between 2008 and 2011, three patients died after undergoing procedures performed at the clinic, one of the busiest cosmetic surgery centers in the country.

When fat re-injection, also known as fat grafting, is part of a cosmetic surgery procedure, fat embolisms are a potential complication. Pulmonary fat embolisms can cause a blood clot to form and block a lung artery. Widespread arterial obstruction can cause sudden death, and surgery is the number one cause of these blood clots. The danger of a clot forming grows with the length of time a patient is anesthetized; the longer the surgery, the higher the risk. Multiple surgeries during one visit are not advised.

Clots are also apt to develop after a lengthy bed rest for recuperation. Elderly patients are more likely to develop an embolism since blood flow becomes more inefficient as the years go by. Older patients are also more likely to have additional medical conditions that heighten the risk of a clot. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery should always be tested for conditions that pose a higher risk for a blood clot. Obesity and smoking also incline patients to form blood clots during surgery, especially if combined with any other risk factor.

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery needs first to have a physical exam conducted by a doctor of internal medicine doctor who has no association with the plastic surgeon or clinic. If you are injured as the result of a bungled cosmetic surgery, an experienced personal injury attorney will work with doctors, insurance companies, and the other specialists you’ll need to see regarding your diagnosis and treatment.

Some injuries aren’t anyone’s fault. Attorneys used to call them “acts of God” – injuries that can’t be avoided in situations like bad weather or other natural disasters. If you’ve been injured in a manner where you don’t know whether or not someone else can be held legally accountable, seek sound legal advice immediately. Before you agree to any insurance company’s offer of a settlement, retain the services of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Without an attorney’s advice, you may not know if you have a legitimate personal injury claim or what that claim might be worth. When you’ve been seriously injured by negligence, there’s no reason to settle for less than your case is worth or for less than you deserve.

When another person is negligent, and that negligence results in your injury, let a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer offer you candid, objective advice based on legal experience. Find a good personal injury lawyer who will represent you, and do it immediately. You may be able to recover expenses, lost wages, and in some cases, punitive damages. Defend your health, and let an experienced personal injury attorney defend your rights and win for you the compensation you deserve.