The rules about using motorcycle helmets can be hard to keep track of – they’re different for each state and frequently changing. Nevada’s rule, however, is easy. Everyone riding on a motorcycle in Nevada must wear a helmet – no exceptions. Eighteen other states require all motorcyclists and passengers to wear a helmet at all times. Some states require only minors to wear helmets, and other states allow anyone who is insured to ride helmet-free. Some motorcyclists believe that wearing a helmet obstructs their peripheral vision, so helmet use remains somewhat controversial.

Regardless of the rules that are in place, motorcyclists should always wear a helmet to prevent serious injuries during an accident. While automobiles are becoming safer and fewer drivers and passengers are killed now, the fatality numbers for motorcyclists remain steady year after year. The right safety gear is imperative if you want to reduce your risk of serious injury or death in a motorcycle mishap accident. Many motorcyclists think a helmet is the only safety gear available to them, however that is far from the truth. Obviously, many of the safety features that protect automobile drivers are not found on motorcycles, such as seat belts and air bags, however there are still ways to stay safe. If you love riding your motorcycle, please don’t get back on the bike without these important items of safety gear:

  • The helmet, of course, is your most important safety item. Using a helmet reduces your risk of death in an accident by up to 37 percent. Helmeted motorcyclists are also less likely to die from traumatic brain injuries or to run up expensive hospitalization bills after an accident.
  • A neck collar to protect your collarbone can reduce serious injuries. Some of the most painful and expensive injuries in motorcycle wrecks are collarbone injuries.
  • Gloves are an essential. Obviously, you need gloves that allow you to grip your bike’s handles easily. The most recent advance is gloves that come in leather and Kevlar with carbon-fiber reinforcements for additional protection in an accident.
  • Boots will protect your feet and ankles in a crash. Foot injuries are common in motorcycle accidents and can limit your activity while you recover.
  • A motorcycle jacket not only makes you look cool, but it also safeguards you from serious injuries. Find a jacket with reinforced elbow protection and carbon fiber supports, not just one that’s visually appealing.

There many be other options available, too. Advanced safety technology for motorcyclists is starting to become more popular on the market. The Skully AR-1 helmet connects heads-up display (HUD) optics to a network that includes sensors, microprocessors, and a mini-camera. It includes a wide-angle rearview camera, GPS navigation, and individualized voice control. The Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet is “the beginning of a motorcycle tech revolution,” according to Popular Mechanics. Smart helmets by Skully and other helmet producers will likely replace traditional helmets quickly, as motorcyclists can use whatever safety help they can get.

If you are injured on a motorcycle in the Las Vegas area because a car, bus, or truck driver was driving negligently and crashed into you or otherwise caused your injury, discuss your legal rights and options – which may include filing a personal injury lawsuit – with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. When the other driver is at fault, you are entitled to full reimbursement for all of your medical expenses, days lost from work, and all other injury-related losses.

Motorcycle Accidents

Because they typically leave less debris and evidence than car accidents, motorcycle accidents can be difficult to reconstruct. Evidence can deteriorate or disappear; witnesses quickly begin to forget. Police reports may be incomplete or entirely inaccurate. You need an attorney who will use whatever resources are necessary to determine what really happened.

Even at the lowest speeds, motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries – or worse. Always seek medical attention immediately after an injury, and if your head was impacted in the crash, have a thorough examination and a thorough follow-up exam. Sometimes the most serious effects of a head trauma or brain injury aren’t even detectable in the first few weeks after the initial injury. Motorcycle accident victims also often sustain back and spinal cord injuries that could lead to partial paralysis. Motorcycle accidents almost always also cause broken bones and lacerations.

Motorcycle accident victims who require costly surgical procedures or lengthy rehabilitation will need the maximum available compensation as well as an attorney who will fight aggressively to obtain it. In serious accidents, you’ll need an attorney with substantial experience handling motorcycle accident cases involving traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, fractures, and internal injuries. A good personal injury lawyer will work with your physician and other specialists, first to determine your medical and rehabilitation needs, and then to pursue the resources you’ll need for the medical care you’ll require after a serious motorcycle accident.

If you are in a motorcycle collision, protect your health and your rights. Seek medical attention immediately. Don’t sign any insurance documents or admit any fault to anyone prior to speaking with a personal injury lawyer. If you can, take pictures of your injuries, any vehicle damage, and the accident site itself. Make and keep copies of any police or medical documents or reports.

After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, let a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer examine your case and help you decide if filing a personal injury lawsuit is the right move for you. If you file a claim, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate first, but if a negotiated settlement isn’t possible, your attorney will take your case to a jury of your peers and tell that jury exactly how and to what extent you’ve been injured. In the Las Vegas area, after any traffic accident with injuries, put your case immediately in the hands of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Don’t wait to make the call – nothing is more important than your health, your future, and your rights.