Las Vegas Hotel Injury Attorney

Las Vegas Hotel Injury Attorney

Las Vegas is a 24/7 city. It is considered a playground for grown ups and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each and every year. With so much foot traffic, Las Vegas is also a big hotel and motel town – which makes hotels and motels a major part of the Las Vegas and Nevada economy.

As a temporary home away from home, nobody expects to sustain a serious injury while staying at a hotel. Unfortunately, no type of business establishment, even hotels, are free from the risk that a person will be injured while on the property. Getting injured on hotel property might sound like a major inconvenience, but it can become much worse if the best advice isn’t followed, or if you ignore sound legal advice when it is offered. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a hotel, contact a Las Vegas Hotel injury attorney at The Fletcher Firm today.

An Experienced Las Vegas Hotel Injury Attorney

The area of law that covers injuries sustained on another person’s property is known as premises liability law. A hotel which holds itself open to the general public, under premises liability law, is just the same as any other type of professional establishment that holds itself open to members of the public. If you are injured on a business which was held open to the general public, it is generally the owner or operator of the business where the injury occurred that will have to answer for your injury and that may have to pay you compensation for your damages and losses. Hotels may be liable for:

  • injuries suffered by slipping (or tripping) and falling
  • injuries on escalators and elevators
  • injuries from an assault and battery or other criminal activity
  • injuries in poorly lit or dangerous staircases and parking lots
  • pool injuries and drownings
  • food poisoning, bed bugs, and other risks to health

If you’re a short-term visitor to Las Vegas and you’re injured at a hotel, you may be tempted to accept a settlement if the hotel offers one. Don’t do it. If you accept a settlement and medical complications from your injury emerge later, you’ll have no recourse. Don’t sign anything before obtaining medical treatment and speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Take photos of your injuries and the scene of the accident; you can’t rely on hotel security cameras. Make and keep copies of any medical reports, police reports, or other paperwork generated by the accident.

After they have received medical treatment, victims of injuries should secure the legal counsel of an experienced premises liability attorney, like one on the team of the Fletcher Firm, a full service law firm with a strong track record of success.

An attorney from the Fletcher Firm can help victims of hotel injuries in several ways. For starters, they will review the facts of an incident to determine if a valid claim exists. If a claim does exist, then the attorney can move forward with the damages recovery process on behalf of the injured victim, even going so far as to speak for the victim in negotiations with the other side and in trial while presenting the victim’s case. If you try to pursue damages on your own, you may quickly notice how frustrating and confusing the legal process can be, especially where there is a team of lawyers working for the hotel in question who are actively trying to make sure the hotel pays as little in damages as possible. You will soon find that attorneys and insurance representatives for the hotel where the injury was sustained will actively try to undervalue and diminish the severity of injuries sustained all in an effort to reduce the liability which the hotel will ultimately have to face. Also, when you decide to represent your own legal interests, which is technically allowed under the law, you run the risk of overlooking or forgetting an important legal point that may help your case. If you miss something that an attorney wouldn’t have missed during the presentation of your case, you may lose your chance to recover the compensation you are owed in the future.

While it is natural for people to be curious about the law, looking for answers to your questions online is not the best route you can take in a premises liability matter. The best thing you can do after sustaining an injury on the private property of a hotel is contact an experienced premises liability attorney. When the victim of a hotel injury can show that the injury was caused because of the hotel’s negligence or recklessness, then the victim can generally collect damages like pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost work earnings. Before they begin the recovery process, the Las Vegas hotel injury attorney working on the case for the victim will be able to help the victim come up with a fair amount of compensation to demand from the hotel. If the parties involved can’t reach an agreement for a settlement, then the case can be sent forward to trial.

A Las Vegas Injury Attorney That Will Fight For You

Assuming that an injury is so bad that it prevents a person from working in the future, an experienced personal injury attorney can even help the accident victim collect damages for future medical expenses and future lost work earnings. This is another reason why the help of experienced legal counsel should be sought in any legal matter relating to an injury. If the victim is unable to put on a case which justifies future damages, then the victim may lose out on the valuable compensation he or she needs to move past the injury in the long term. Attorneys like those of the Fletcher Firm have access to professional resources and independent advisors who can help the Las Vegas hotel injury attorney and victim in the case determine a fair amount of future damages to ask the court to award, resources which are not readily available to the average hotel injury victim.