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Robbery laws in Nevada make it a criminal offense to unlawfully take the property of another person, directly from the person or from the person’s presence, against that person’s will, by using the future or immediate threat of force, violence, or fear of injury to that person, the person’s property, the person’s family or their property, or against anyone else who is present in the person’s company during the robbery, or their property. A person taking money by force from the register of a liquor store is a perfect example of a robbery; as is a person knocking a woman down to take her purse. An experienced Las Vegas robbery defense attorney is able to put together a solid defense that will protect your rights as well as your freedom.

Robbery Penalties

If convicted of the crime of robbery, a suspect faces a prison sentence, fines, and a criminal record that can have a very negative impact on future attempts to find employment. When a weapon is used to commit a robbery, increased prison sentences and fines are generally handed down.

In Nevada, every robbery is charged as a felony and should be taken seriously by the defendant. Brandishing a deadly weapon, whether or not the weapon is used, constitutes robbery with a deadly weapon. If a weapon is used in a robbery and anyone is injured, the suspect can also be prosecuted for assault and for illegal possession of a deadly weapon, all resulting from one alleged crime. A robbery conviction is punishable by 2-to-15 years in prison, but 1-to-15 more years can be attached to the sentence for robbery with a deadly weapon. If you have no prior criminal record, you may receive probation instead of a prison sentence. However, most robbery cases in Nevada result in prison sentences, even if it is a first offense.

Attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery are also taken seriously in the state of Nevada and classified as category B felonies. If you are convicted of attempted robbery or conspiracy to commit robbery, you may face a prison sentence between 1 to 10 years, even if it is your first offense.

Also, for those who are not citizens of the United States, a Nevada robbery conviction is considered a violent felony by immigration authorities and could prompt deportation proceedings against you. Obviously, a felony conviction for robbery will hurt your ability to find employment or housing in the future, and alienate your friends and family, so the consequences of a robbery conviction are nothing to take lightly.

Don’t try to act as your own attorney or hire a public defender if you are charged with robbery – the charge is far too serious, and you could wind up in prison. A good defense attorney will investigate the allegations against you, compile evidence and examine witnesses on your behalf, and make certain that your defense is clearly explained and fully understood. If you face any robbery or theft charge in or near Las Vegas, now or in the future, contact an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to begin working on your case.

Robbery Defenses

An experienced Las Vegas robbery defense lawyer will be able to thoroughly examine your case and develop a strong defense strategy. Although the strategy that is used depends on the details of your case, some of the most common robbery defense strategies include:

  • The accused had no intention of taking the property
  • The defendant is being falsely accused
  • The accused did not use force or threats of violence during the crime.

Because robbery is considered a violent crime in Nevada and carries harsh penalties, it’s essential that you work with a knowledgeable Las Vegas robbery attorney to develop a sound defense strategy.

An Experienced Las Vegas Robbery Defense Attorney

In order to elevate the crime of robbery to armed robbery, the presence of a weapon need not be real, only perceived. This means that, even if a real weapon is not involved in the commission of a robbery, the fact that the victim perceived a weapon is enough to elevate the offense to the more serious degree. In other words, pointing an unloaded gun, or even pointing a finger concealed in a coat pocket, while demanding someone’s property, is enough to give rise to criminal armed robbery charges.

To say the least, there’s a lot on the line when a person is facing armed robbery charges. A conviction for armed robbery can land a person behind bars for several years, with the exact length of the sentence determined by evaluating a variety of factors, like the severity of any injuries sustained by the victim, the value of the property taken, and the past criminal history of the suspect.

For a successful conviction, the prosecutor in the case will have to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused performed every required element of the offense. So, if the property taken was not taken against the will of the alleged victim, if no future or immediate threat of force was used to secure the property, or if the property taken did not actually belong to another person, then the prosecution has failed to make its case and the accused may not be convicted of the offense.

Don’t Go It Alone — Let Us Fight For Your Freedom

Anyone who has been charged with armed robbery in Nevada should waste no time getting sound legal advice from a Las Vegas robbery defense attorney like one on staff at the Fletcher Firm. Once assigned to a case, the Fletcher Firm team will explain to the accused exactly what the charges mean, the chances of courtroom success, and his or her best legal options in the matter. Even if charges can’t be defeated, it is still very likely that the experienced Las Vegas robbery attorney can have charges reduced, but this is something that those who have been accused of the crime won’t know until they secure legal counsel.