“Premises liability” is the legal term for the liability of a property owner. Property owners in Nevada have a legal duty to keep their properties safe, to repair any dangerous situation or condition in a reasonably quick period of time, and to warn anyone entering or coming onto a property about any existing dangerous situation or condition. Premises liability lawsuits are personal injury suits generated by injuries that happen when a property owner is negligent. In the Las Vegas area, if you slip on a wet floor in a supermarket; if you fall at an apartment building on a poorly-lit staircase; or if you are bitten by an aggressive dog, you may be able recover the losses you’ve suffered by filing a premises liability claim with the help of an experienced Las Vegas premises liability lawyer. Victims of crime due to negligent security also may have grounds to file a premises liability claim. If you’ve been injured, do not accept a settlement from a property owner, a manager or management company, or an insurance company before speaking with a good personal injury attorney.

Not every injury on private property can be compensated through a premises liability claim. If you were injured while committing a crime, while intentionally trespassing, or when you entered an area marked “employees only” at a hotel, restaurant, or retail store, you’ll probably have no grounds for a claim. But if you were injured because of a property owner’s negligence, speak right away to a Las Vegas premises liability attorney about your rights and options. If you have grounds for a legitimate claim, a good premises liability lawyer will gather the evidence, examine the witnesses, and consult with the experts who can help your claim prevail. Most premises liability cases can be settled out of court, but if a defendant refuses to offer an adequate settlement, the right attorney will take your case to trial and tell your story to a jury of your peers.

In Las Vegas, you need all the legal help you can get if you file a premises liability claim against a hotel, casino, restaurant, or nightclub. Their insurance companies will offer you nothing, next to nothing, or delay paying you and hope you’ll go away; their attorneys may try to blame you for your own injury. Don’t even speak to the other side; let a good Las Vegas premises liability attorney do all the talking and negotiating on your behalf.

The consequence of even a simple fall can be extensive medical treatment and costs. A vicious dog attack can leave you with lasting emotional and physical injuries. The aftermath of these types of accidents is difficult for the victims, but an experienced Las Vegas premises liability lawyer can handle your case while you and your family focus on your recovery. If you’re injured in the Las Vegas area, now or in the future, don’t hesitate to call a good premises liability attorney promptly.

Premises liability claims in Nevada are subject to a statute of limitations; in almost all cases, you must file a claim within two years of the date you’re injured. Frankly, you shouldn’t wait another day. In any personal injury case, bringing in a good attorney as early as possible is always the wisest choice. The most serious injuries – spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, limb injuries leading to amputation – require long-term treatment and substantial compensation.

When An Attorney Won’t Take Your Case

Occasionally you may speak to an attorney who determines that he or she may not be the right attorney for your case. However, it’s important not to get discouraged and give up on pursing legal action. When an attorney turns you down, it’s not personal. Often, an attorney turning down your case may be doing what’s right for you. Here are several reasons an attorney may decline to take your case:

  • No guarantees allowed. Attorneys cannot guarantee results and will turn you down if you demand a guarantee. You should never work with an attorney who guarantees results. If an attorney unconditionally promises you victory, you will not get the best attorney, only the biggest con artist.
  • Not enough to go on. You must have demonstrable personal injury damages in order to be awarded compensation. Unfortunately, anger and frustration are not “damages.” And even if you’re injured, proof in some cases may be too difficult to produce. In these cases, the attorney may advise that you don’t pursue legal action against the accused.
  • Attorneys are busy. Sometimes their “plate is full’ and they just do not have time to take your case. Don’t be discouraged; ask the attorney if he or she can recommend another who will be available to take on your case.
  • Financial concerns. Nearly all personal injury lawyers work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless we win. If the attorney declines to take your case because of financial concerns, ask for a recommendation for another attorney in the area.
  • Governmental immunity. City, county, state, and federal government employees are usually immune from lawsuits unless they were reckless, malicious, or negligent. If an attorney suspects that he or she may run into a large immunity obstruction in your case, he or she may decline to represent you. You can ask for a referral to another attorney.

Most attorneys are glad to refer you to another lawyer, so don’t be afraid to ask if they cannot take on the case themselves. If you have suffered a personal injury on someone else’s property and another person was responsible, seek the help of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney immediately. If you wait, your situation may become more painful and more expensive. A good personal injury lawyer will protect your rights and help you win the compensation you so rightly deserve. You may have to speak with several experienced personal injury attorneys, but the attorney who takes your case will diligently defend your rights and work hard to win the compensation you deserve.