What’s so frightening about personal injuries is that they can happen to anyone, unexpectedly, at almost any time. In the 21st century, simply going out to dinner means that you could be injured by a negligent driver in a traffic accident, or you could be injured by a defective auto part such as an exploding airbag. If you make it safely to your dinner destination – and you don’t slip, fall, and injure yourself in the parking lot – you could still slip and become injured inside the restaurant, or you could become a food poisoning victim. Staying home is no good either. Between the contaminated food items and the defective kitchen appliances, you could end up starving. But, one type of injury that takes almost every parent by surprise is those suffered in children’s bounce houses.

Bounce houses – the inflated, multi-colored, balloonish structures you may have seen at birthday parties, school or church functions, and other gatherings where children play – can be quite dangerous. Parents in the Las Vegas area should know that many children have been injured playing in bounce houses. If your own child is injured in an inflatable bounce house, speak immediately to an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney.

Bounce houses may not always be stored and maintained properly. They’re obviously expensive, so they’re sometimes used longer than they’re safe. Children playing in a bounce house can suffer traumatic head, neck, and spinal cord injuries as well as bruises, sprains, and broken bones. Of course, obtaining medical treatment is your first priority if your child is injured. Bounce house injuries are similar to trampoline injuries. If your child suffers a traumatic injury, you’ll need a good Las Vegas attorney to help you file a personal injury claim and fight on your behalf for the maximum possible compensation.

Most amusement parks and fairs now have large bounce houses, and smaller models can now be purchased for backyard use. More than 4,900 bounce house-related injuries and four tragic deaths occurred in the U.S. from 2002 to 2005 according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Bounce houses have collapsed on children, and in at least one incident children fell from a bounce house when unexpected gusting winds lifted it into the air.

Manufacturers of bounces houses and the companies that rent them can be held liable for injuries caused by the defective design or negligent maintenance of a bounce house. If your child is injured while playing in a bounce house, at a playground, or at any other location in the Las Vegas area, act at once. After your child has sustained a personal injury, it’s imperative to seek medical treatment first. Don’t talk to any insurance company or sign any insurance papers before you consult with a personal injury attorney. Without an attorney by your side, the insurance company will very likely offer you an amount that is far less than your case is actually worth. Obtain the advice and services of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.