Federal Criminal Defense Client Testimonial – August 2022
To whoever may find themselves cause in the maze of legal woes,

Legal troubles can drain the day’s sense of motivation the minute your eyes open in the morning. During my legal struggles, I just wanted to get away. I had no confidence in my previous counsel and had in fact signed over many of my rights on the advice of the prior attorney. Despite this fact, Maysoun took on my case, explored more options, took me down multiple potential paths, and took fact-based approaches to the possible outcomes. I never felt rushed when I had her attention during meetings.

Additionally, She often called me before I had a chance to ask about a potential scenario. Any time I presented questions to her, she returned with a response as well as an answer to the next potential question, which reassured me she was there for me and actively working on my case. The one and the only regret I have is that didn’t somehow find the Fletcher Firm FIRST!

It’s easy to feel ashamed when you fall down. However, Maysoun never made me feel “Less than” and whatever sense of dignity I had left remained intact while working with her. Maysoun never spoke to me as if I were my circumstances and that means a lot whenever you are being accused of anything.

Lastly, I would like to add that the Fletcher Firm guided me to an acceptable closure of my situation. Throughout the process, I felt a sense of support from the firm and strong legal competence in defending me. I would recommend the Fletcher firm to anyone, including family. God forbid I find myself in another tough battle. However, should that occur, I will seek the Fletcher Firm and Mayson’s guidance towards a positive outcome!

Thank you again Maysoun!

Testimonial from a Recent Federal Criminal Defense Client
The Fletcher Firm believed in me from the very beginning when nobody else didn’t. Attorney Maysoun was the best ever and got me probation on a FEDERAL INDICTMENT where I was looking at 10 years plus. she is not just going to accept a plea. I was offered 84 months and she fought like it was her freedom on the line. Best Law firm hands down!!!!! I recommend this firm 110%. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. The best thing is you will speak directly to her, not a secretary or assistant. A-1 service!!! Thank you Fletcher from me and my family. I will forever be indebted to you!!

August 2022

Testimonial from recent Federal criminal client who was facing a mandatory 5 year prison sentence and ended up with no prison time
Very professional. Great quick service. Honestly. Built a great bond with Mrs Fletcher over the years I’ve known her. Even helped me with so other traffic incidents that she didn’t have to help me with. Great lawyer.

Maysoun Fletcher and The Fletcher firm are hands down the best possible team to have in your corner for any legal situation. I personally recommend if you need representation that you don’t hesitate to call them. She and her team gave me and my family hope. The outcome of my case was literally the best it could have been. Thank you Maysoun.

In the often, incompetent and uncaring world of criminal law Attorney Maysoun Fletcher changed my thinking with regard to criminal defense attorneys. Maysoun handled my appeal against a white collar trial conviction with a comprehensive strategy and detailed legal plan. Every step in the appellate process was completed with both dedication and precision. Maysoun always took time out of her schedule for us to engage in discussions regarding my case and transmitted all paperwork to me in a timely manner.
Overall I had a great experience having Maysoun Fletcher represent me as my appellant attorney. Maysoun is very insightful and is an expert in criminal law. Truly a professional and a kind and considerate human being.
– J.W.

My Experience with The Fletcher Firm was “Awesome”!!! The whole Team is Great to work with, they returns calls ON TIME, paper work was always correct, and if you are broke like me not a lot of money she will WORK with you, Ms. Fletcher Never missed a court date! She is a very nice person, always professional my family thought she was a Model (so did I). If you ever need a Great lawyer I suggest her and her team. If I ever need another lawyer (Lol) I would always call her first. Thanks again Ms. Fletcher……..I’m going to Miss You!! Shavon Manson a*k*a No More DUI’s – Shavon Manson

Fabulous experience! I called and spoke to Giselle, she was very helpful. To my amazement, lawyer handled my ticket with lightning speed!!! This is my 2nd time coming back to them and will return. Highly recommend!!! – Dawn Agudo

The fletcher firm helped me out with one of my traffic tickets. if u ever need any help with any tickets call the fletcher firm. – Cyclone Villa

I had the extreme Professional pleasure working with the Fletcher Firm for my Accident. I was kept informed of the steps being finished. I further recommend The Fletcher Firm to any and all future clients. Follow up with the greatest Firm. – Jean Miller

Maysoun Fletcher from The Fletcher Law Firm in Las Vegas was a complete surprise. I expected someone who would be rather cool and detached. Instead she showed genuine empathy, she went above and beyond what was called for. Thank you. – Steve McConnell

It was a wonderful experience working with Fletcher’s firm. Its an excellent firm for consulting. First of all I sincerely want to thank Maysoun Fletcher for her professional approach while talking to me about my Reckless Driving Case. She sounds very experienced and professional. She was able to negotiate the Reckless driving charges down to a normal traffic ticket with minimum possible points on my license. Another point which I would like to mention is about her availability to talk to you personally. Her office always received my calls and every time whenever I wanted to discuss, she made herself available to answer any of my doubts. I think she is one of the best attorney in town with nominal fees. Thank you Ma’m for all the follow-ups and help!! – Apoorv V.

Excellent Law Firm!!! The Fletcher Firm handled my legal needs in a friendly, professional, and timely manor. I will be using this firm from here on out and recommend you do the same. Thanks Fletcher Firm. – Rudy Villa

Had a great experience. Had a ticket go to warrant, with out having to go to court, warrant was erased and fine was reduced. Really helped me a lot! – Jason Villa

My son made the mistake of ignoring his traffic tickets which then turned into warrants. I convinced him to seek legal assistance and he went to the Fletcher Firm. We couldn’t have been happier! The Fletcher Firm helped my son avoid jail time and settle all his warrant issues. He was impressed with how they made the whole process and his situation seem so simple and stress free. – Maria Garcia

The Fletcher Firm helped my son avoid jail time by helping him with his traffic warrants. They made the whole process simple and stress-free. I highly recommend The Fletcher Firm! – Maria Garcia

The Fletcher Firm breaks down legal advice to make it simple enough for anyone to understand. I feel comfortable receiving legal help from Giselle and Mrs. Fletcher and won’t go anywhere else. – Katherine Jara

I look on further than the Fletcher Firm when seeking legal advice or assistance. I’ve had numerous issues resolved using this firm. – Luis Garcia

When I first called in I got immediate help. Maysoun Fletcher doesn’t just treat you like a lawyer but truly cares about your case. Give them a call and believe me when I saw you will feel the same way I do about them. – Samantha Scheider

The Fletcher Firm has been very helpful to me for so many reasons. But the biggest one I can think of is the most recent. I had a problem with a so called car accident that never happened, Maysoun talked me through my emotional issues, held my hand while talking to my insurance company, and then resolved the issue without incidence. All of this at a reasonable fee makes me realize the importance of having that extra person on my side when I am the most stressed and need extra help. Anyone can be a lawyer, but not anyone can be good at helping people through their emotions during challenging problems. Besides that, the Fletcher Firm is an honest organization that works hard to keep their customers happy. You can’t beat that kind of service! – Leanne Chilton

Great professional firm, Maysoun truly cares for the best outcome possible for her clients. Would never take my business elsewhere! Thank you everyone that makes the gears turn at fletcher firm! You are the best! – Douglas Howard

I had a great experience while I had a warrant from a traffic ticket. Giselle Villa was extremely courteous and explained to me what had happened and how we can work things out so I have nothing to worry about especially because the time frame of me getting a job had a huge reflect on me getting that taken care of. Anyone that I talk to or has any issues I always tell them about what I went threw and how I know that they would get treated fairly and like a family rather just someone that trying to get money from you. If I ever need to get anything taken care of or have any questions this is the fist place I think about. You have a great firm and I love that anyone that works there talks to you like a person and actually takes the time to work with you into finding a solution. – Jonathan Hernandez

Excellent attorney, extremely knowledgeable and ethical. Always working with the best interest of clients. Would highly recommend this firm. – Rima

I called for a consultation for a custody battle and spoke with “Giselle” she was very nice and helpful and was trasfered me over to “maysoun” i was connected within two minutes thats the less ive ever had to wait to speak with an attorney with no problems im very greatful for the help i have gotten thank you fletcher firm… – David Ortega Jr

They helped me out with my traffic ticket they are really great. If u ever need an help with any tickets call The Fletcher Firm. – Joshua Villa

I am so thankful to have used the Fletcher Firm. It was a great experience for a not so great reason, but they were so professional and really cared about me. They walked me through everything every step of the way. They are amazing people and very friendly. They really went out of there way for me and helping me. Thank you SO much!!!! – Justin Richardson

“To all perspective Clients of Fletcher Law Firm. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fletcher Law Firm for all your legal matters. They were very helpful to me at the time that I needed it the most. Please consider them to be your helping hand when YOU need it the most. It will be the best decision you could make.” -Kent D. Las Vegas, NV “I would like to thank you and the Fletcher Firm for all the guidance you have given me in the past. You have helped me through some very difficult time and I know you will be there for me in the future. I would recommend your law firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.” – Svetlana K.

“The Fletcher Law Firm blends the competence and professionalism of a major metropolitan law firm with the personal responsiveness and sensitivity usually found with smaller rural law practices. Maysoun Fletcher provides her client’s with innovative, perceptive and in-depth legal insight, awareness and advice making her our Company’s choice for corporate counsel.” Guy Irvin CEO Shadow Strategies, LLC

“I want to thank you with all my heart for the warmth and compassion you gave to my brother and I. You opened your heart at a time when we needed it most and I feel so blessed that you came into our lives. I will never, ever forget you. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I hope all good things come to you in your life because you deserve all the best.” With much love, Dawn

“I will forever be grateful that you were there for my brother and I when we needed it most! You will always be in my heart!” Love, D.D.

“I recommend the Fletcher Firm for any of your legal needs and had a great experience working with them. They were responsive to my questions and were able to handle my case with ease and I felt totally comfortable in the process. The cost was also reasonable too!” S.C. North Las Vegas, NV.

“I would like to say that Maysoun as well as her ofice staff have been most accomidating and helpful throughout one of the most stressful times of my adult life. She is a very sharp and crude negotiator without getting into all the details I would probably facing a set of very grim circumstances had it not been for The Fletcher Firm. – Thanks Bunches Maysoun and her support staff” Eddie Smith

“I really appreciate it fletcher law office and special Attoreny Maysoun Fletcher, she really help me big time and she get my case done and was very smooth thank you so much for everything” Ahmad Mahmoud

“Thank you so much for representing me in my cases Maysoun Fletcher. You did a great job. The outcome was better than I could imagine. I went from SEVERAL SERIOUS CHARGES to a couple reckless driving charges. I dont think Johnny Cochrane could have come back from the dead and represented me any better. Thanks again for everything but I hope I never need your services again (cause that means I am in trouble again) but if I or anyone i know has any legal issues at all I will definitely be contacting you.” Brian Feder

“The Fletcher Firm is extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have been a great asset on resolving very technical & complex legal issues for my family and I. Would highly recommend their services.” Rima

“Had some traffic tickets that went to warrent and the fletcher firm helped me take care of everything rite away. Great people working there they answered any and all of my questions and came to a quick and easy resolution. Thanks.”Jonathan H.

“Had a traffic ticket AMD they took care of it in no time. With no hassle. Thanks a bunch. Amazing people working there.”Jennifer Villa

“I want to thank you for your professionalism and excellent communication with my case. I am grateful for your help and I am very pleased with the deal you were able to work out for me. I will be signing up for the traffic school and paying the fine this week. Thank you again and I will be sending you the completion documentation as I receive it. I would highly recommend your services to others who were in my circumstances!” Traffic Ticket Client