If you’re accused of driving under the influence in the Las Vegas area, it’s a quite serious charge, but don’t plead guilty. Instead, fight the charge with the help of an experienced Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer. If you’re innocent, or if you simply made a bad decision, a good DUI attorney will fight aggressively on your behalf. While a designated driver is always a good idea when friends go out to enjoy a few drinks, you might want to take a closer look at the person designated to drive. According to a survey conducted by University of Florida (UF) researchers, up to forty percent of “designated” drivers drink when their friends are drinking.

UF researchers – carrying breathalyzer devices – interviewed more than a thousand Gainesville bar and nightclub patrons on Fridays before six different Florida Gator home football games. Two out of five patrons identifying themselves as designated drivers had been drinking, and the average blood alcohol content level for those drinking was slightly above the legal limit for DUI. Research funding was provided by the National Institutes of Health; the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs published the results.

Hopefully, drivers won’t have to worry about designating sober drivers thanks to technological advancements. Driverless cars – “Google” cars – are one such technology. The driverless machines promise to take you anywhere efficiently and safely. Electronic scanners will monitor nearby vehicles and – we are told – will make constant safety adjustments. But another Google driverless car was involved in an accident recently, the latest of eleven collisions so far for Google cars with the driverless technology. What may be more feasible is the eventual installation of ignition interlock devices in every vehicle in the country. Every driver may soon have to “blow” to start a vehicle. Nissan is producing a “DUI-proof” smart car with several alcohol-detection sensors and devices.

Some of these technologies will become commonplace in just the next few years. No doubt, there will fewer DUI arrests and prosecutions and fewer DUI-related accidents and injuries. What’s doubtful is that anything can make driving under the influence disappear entirely. The predictions are bright, but people with serious addiction issues will find a way to get around any technology – and get behind the wheel – if they choose to. Already, states are having to pass laws to punish offenders who tamper with ankle bracelets and ignition interlock devices.

If your driver is over the legal limit, there’s really no reason to designate a driver. Your driver should completely refrain from drinking, and if there’s an issue, designate someone else. It’s your life, so being choosy and being insistent is imperative. Don’t forget that public and private transportation services are abundant in Las Vegas, from buses and taxis to some of the world’s most upscale limousine services. If you or someone you’ve designated to drive is charged with driving under the influence in or near Las Vegas, speak immediately with a trustworthy and experienced Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer. Help is available, but you must take the first step toward justice and make the call.